Frequently Asked Questions

What are Lucky Moose Nails? 

Lucky Moose Nails are a non-toxic, 10 Free, nail wrap business based in the UK.

How do I apply/ remove Lucky Moose Nails?

Once you have cleaned the surface of your nail- we recommend using alcohol wipes or washing your hands with dishwashing liquid. You simply peel them off their backing, remove the protective top layer, place the wrap onto your nail (taking care to avoid touching the cuticle) then press them onto the nails, file off any excess.

We recommend that you do not submerge your hands in water for any length of time for 2 hrs after application to ensure the product properly bonds to your nails.

To remove Lucky Moose Nails simply use nail polish remover and a cotton ball. Alternatively, you can break the seal along the side of the nail, use a small brush dipped in remover and work it under the wrap- the wrap will slide off in seconds. This is most recommended for glitter wraps as it makes removal fast and clean.

What does 10 free mean?

Lucky Moose Nails are free of the following:  formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene and don’t contain parabens, fragrances, phthalates, and animal ingredients. These ingredients can be found in some nail products and are known to be harmful to the body.

What are Lucky Moose Nails Made from?

Our nail wraps are made from the following ingredients:

IngredientWhat is it used for
Styrene/Isoprene Copolymer This does 2 things. Firstly it makes the wraps elastic so that they will fit your nails perfectly. Secondly it makes the nail wraps more resilient to wear and tear so they will last longer.
Hydrogenated Poly(C6-20 Olefin) This does 2 things. This is a very commonly found ingredient in lots of beauty and bathroom products. It is used as a a skin emollient and in the case of the nail wraps it is used to make sure that the nail wraps have the correct consistency once applied.
N-Butyl Acetate This is found naturally in lots of different fruits such as red delicious apples. You will find it in ice cream, cream cheese and various baked goods. In our nail wraps this is used as a safe solvent.
Polyacrylic acid This is found throughout cosmetics where their role is to suspend solid in liquids, prevent emulsions from separating and control the consistency in flow of cosmetics.
Ethyl Acetate This is a clear liquid with a naturally sweet smell. It is used as a very common solvent and is used to decaffeinate tea and coffee, and is found in confectionary, perfumes and fruits.
Nitrocellulose This will help to protect your nails by allowing water trapped under the wrap to escape, subsequently helping to avoid fungal infections.
Dipentaerythrityl Hexaacrylate This ingredient is used to condition your nails and allows the nail wraps to last a long time.
Hydroxypropyl Methacrylate This is used to build up the nail wrap to have a structure so that you can apply it.
Hydroxycyclohexyl Phenyl Ketone Used to help the nail wrap harden once it has been applied to your nail. It will also help you to remove the nail wrap at the end as it will be hard and can be removed easily.
Bis-Trimethylbenzoyl /Phenyiphosphine Oxide This ingredient is uses light to make sure that the nail wrap takes the correct shape and stays that way once applied.

How long do Lucky Moose Nails last?

Our wraps should last for up to 14 days.

Do I need any special tools or a heater?

No, you will need scissors and a file to trim the ends.

We recommend using a glass file or a very fine grit file as rough files can cause uneven tearing at the tips. We recommend filing wraps straight down rather than at an angle as this gives a cleaner finish.

How many wraps are on a sheet/ set?

Our wraps come in assorted sizes depending on the design. There will be between 14-22 wraps per package. Each set has a variety of nail widths to suit most wearers. The premium wraps contain 2 sheets within 1 package, 1 behind the other.

If your nails aren’t too long, you may be able to use one wrap for both hands if the design is duplicated at each end (this is not the case for every design). This will allow 2 manicures per set of wraps.

Do I need a top coat?

No, you can wear the wraps without a top coat. However, if you want added strength we recommend a topcoat as it can help reduce tip wear.

BEWARE some topcoats will react with our wraps and turn them gummy.

We recommend the following brands of top coat: Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat, Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps Topcoat, Out The Door: fast dry top coat from Sally Beauty and Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Topcoat

Does Lucky Moose Nails ship internationally?

Shipping within the UK is free for all orders.  International shipping is free for orders over £19 or $25.

Is Lucky Moose Nails a cruelty free company?

Yes. Our products are not tested on animals 

Can Lucky Moose Nails be used on artificial nails?

Yes, Lucky Moose wraps can be applied over acrylic, gel and dip nails. We cannot however guarantee compatibility if any of these enhancements are applied over our products.